The Website is now live. is a Free web service providing random numbers with floating point resolution, absolutely free, with secure anonymous access. The website has a simple API allowing applications to get random numbers in a variety of formats.

The NousRandom Blog for discussing issues, problems, requests, suggestions and such about the NousRandom website and algorithm is hosted on this site.

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Below is a link to my latest paper. It starts with explaining my technique to generate random numbers with floating point resolution. Describes my scrambling technique. The discussion about seeding/reseeding the random number generator flows to derive my hashing technique that creates a 56-byte (448 bit) secure hash followed by how to extend the hash to any arbitrary length. Last, I combine those techniques into my NousCrypt encryption algorithm

Scott Doctor
27 April 2016
Random Number Determination with Floating Point Resolution
for use in Cryptographic Processes
PDF  Download 21MB